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Project Management

As a Project Manager we act as a specialist advisor, representing the client for all project related concerns throughout both the design and construction stages. We are involved in coordinating design changes as the work proceeds and acting as an interface between the design team and the construction team.

At Biniapi, we specialize in delivering comprehensive project management services aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards. Following the PMI knowledge areas and associated processes across the project management process groups, we ensure effective project management from initiation to closure.

In the Initiating Process Group, we focus on developing the project charter, defining project scope, and establishing a strong foundation for project management. During the Planning Process Group, we meticulously plan project activities, schedules, costs, resources, quality, communications, risks, procurement, and stakeholder engagement.

Executing Process Group is where we carry out the planned activities, ensuring efficient project implementation. In the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group, we continuously monitor project progress, control changes, and make necessary adjustments to keep the project on track.

Finally, in the Closing Process Group, we conclude the project, obtain stakeholder acceptance, and perform administrative closure tasks. By adhering to these knowledge areas and processes, we provide comprehensive project management services that ensure successful project delivery.

Our primary responsibility as Project Managers is to comprehend and oversee the critical components of a project, delivering high-quality outcomes within budgetary constraints and established timelines while prioritizing safety.

During the execution phase, we ensure efficient implementation and coordination of project activities. In the monitoring and controlling phase, we continuously monitor project progress, implement necessary controls, and keep the project on track. In the closing phase, we carry out activities to formally close the project and ensure a smooth transition to the next phase or project.

By aligning our services with the PMI's knowledge areas and project management process groups, we provide comprehensive project management support tailored to meet your specific needs and deliver successful project outcomes.