Case Study

Multi-story building in Amathountos Avenue – Limassol – Dispute Resolution

Biniapi Engineering Services was appointed by the Project Owner as a mediator to address a complex dispute concerning both technical and financial matters. A conflict arose between the owner and the interior designer, who had been tasked with combining two apartments into one without supervision. Throughout the implementation of the design plans, the interior designer engaged various subcontractors and experienced collaborators without being appointed for supervision although the subcontractors were guided by the Interior Designer for design, specifications, and details. As a result, the project timeline was extended by an additional two years, and numerous defects emerged. Consequently, the owner retained a portion of the payment due to unresolved issues. Unfortunately, the subcontractors and the interior designer displayed a lack of responsiveness, leaving the project unfinished. To rectify the situation, Biniapi was appointed to thoroughly assess and rectify the defects, coordinate with the subcontractors, and finalize the payment for the interior designer. Acting as a mediator, Biniapi diligently carried out all necessary administrative closure tasks, ensuring the validation of deliverables and compliance with contractual agreements. Ultimately, Biniapi successfully resolved the dispute to the satisfaction of both parties involved.