Case Study

Information Kiosk at the Limassol Port – Terminal 3

Biniapi Engineering Services collaborated closely with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the Limassol Port Authorities, and all other relevant stakeholders to successfully provide the following services:

Preparation of Program of Works – Planning Engineering

1. Appointment, management, and monitoring of the design team (consisting of an Architect, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, and a Quantity Surveyor) throughout the entire duration of the project.

2. Preparation of the necessary documentation in compliance with government regulations for the electronic procurement publication of a tender aimed at selecting a Contractor for the construction of the kiosk. This included the creation of drawings, specifications, and a bill of quantities.

3. Monitoring and control of the contractor during the fabrication phase, which involved issuing instructions, managing any variations, and overseeing the provisional amounts specified in the contract on behalf of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

4. On the 1st of November 2022, the kiosk was officially delivered to the Deputy Ministry.

5. The Deputy Ministry of Tourism enjoyed an exceptional collaboration with Biniapi Engineering Services, who demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They also displayed a strong commitment to teamwork and consistently exhibited professionalism, integrity, and trustworthiness.