Case Study

Ferry Link Cyprus Greece - Ferry Terminal Project at Limassol Port

Project Management services were provided for the handover process of the Ferry link Cyprus-Greece Terminal. The services encompassed various activities such as initiating and monitoring the design team, managing project costs, handling project procurement, and mitigating project risks, all in accordance with Public Contract procedures. The Ministry of Transport acted as the project sponsor, imposing a stringent deadline from March 2022 to June 18th, 2022. A comprehensive document management system was employed to organize and compile all necessary information.

Biniapi Engineering Services and its team managed organizational resources and external contractors and designers, facilitating communication and issue management throughout the project lifecycle. They assessed project execution data and results, applying corrective actions as necessary, particularly regarding fit-out works and new projects, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and the developed scope management plan. The company consistently kept stakeholders informed, providing them with necessary information regarding technical, cost, and time issues within the project constraints. Quality and procurement audit results were reviewed, and deliverables were validated to ensure compliance with contractual agreements and execution. The company carried out all administrative closure activities and obtained final acceptance. Lessons learned were documented following the project's final report. The project was deemed a success!

The Project objectives included:

1. Appointing and managing the design team, comprising an Architect, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Health & Safety representative during the design stage, and a Quantity Surveyor. The team was supervised and monitored throughout the project lifecycle, including the submission process for planning, and building permits, and the implementation of a contingency plan if needed.

2. Defining the overall scope of work for various governmental entities involved, such as Customs, Immigration, Marine Police, and the Ministry of Transport Communications and Works.

3. Creating a preliminary project timeline from start to completion, incorporating tender procurement, contractor selection, and establishing the contractor's scope of work and time schedule.

4. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling process for Plan B.