Case Study

Ayios Athanasios Villa – Limassol – Defect Reports

Following the substantial delivery of the Vila, a range of leakages and defects became evident both internally and externally after a period of three months the Project Owners, have engaged the services of Biniapi Engineering, as an expert entity to assess and examine the defects and leakages. These issues occurred during the winter period of 2019-2020 and fall within the contractual defect period of the property. The temporary taking over certificate was issued in July 2019 by the seller and developer, The Project. Owner has reported that the defect leakages commenced in September 2019.

To initiate the evaluation process, an agreement was reached with the Project Owner that the Biniapi Engineering Services would conduct a Visual Inspection of the Premises. This inspection aims to generate a comprehensive report based on the initial site inspection's findings, documenting the present condition, identifying notable areas requiring further investigation, and providing general observations derived from the onsite visit.

It is important to note that this Visual Inspection and the subsequent report, which outlines its findings, do not seek to replace the snagging list compiled by the Premises Consultants. Instead, this inspection serves as a supportive tool for the Project Owner in assessing the scope and severity of any issues that may impede the smooth final takeover of the property from the sellers.

Biniapi Engineering Services effectively managed the repair process, providing guidance to the contractor in accordance with the contract agreement, industry best practices, and relevant legal regulations. The project closure encompassed comprehensive documentation, certificates, and deliverables from the contractor to ensure the mutual satisfaction of both parties.