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Design Management and Coordination

Today’s construction projects are more technical, and clients demand higher quality often within tighter budgets and shorter time frames. Realistically, decisions need to be made proactively considering all requirements through the means of an integrated design process. At Biniapi, we understand how to balance the scope, budget, time, and design requirements to ensure that completed projects meet owner expectations and bottom line goals.

Acting as Design Manager Biniapi will become involved at the pre-contract stage, taking responsibility for the management of the client briefing (architectural programming) and conceptual design. At this early stage, we get to understand the client’s criteria and expectations and coordinate the various elements – working alongside a diverse range of professional partners.

Biniapi can invite relevant and appropriate project design teams based on project criteria, evaluate offers, select the successful offer, assign the project design, and coordinate and monitor the design process until the final design is ready for tenders and implementation.