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Construction Management

When we act as a Construction Manager, being a member of ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber) and the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers, our primary responsibility is to oversee and coordinate various teams and departments involved in construction projects. These teams encompass Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, the Procurement department, Vendors, Land Surveyors, Site Engineers, Site Managers, Health and Safety officers, sub-contractors, suppliers, and laboratories.

Our role entails the management and facilitation of the entire construction process, ensuring that the structure and integrated systems are constructed and tested in full compliance with the design requirements. Additionally, we act as the representative for the contractor, upholding the terms of the signed contract and adhering to quality assurance protocols.

In this capacity, we handle all communication and disputes related to the contracts, effectively coordinate the tasks of contractors, and provide comprehensive oversight for all construction contracts. We also offer technical support for construction details, evaluate engineering aspects, project progress and quality and contribute to cost control measures to ensure project efficiency and success.

Our construction management services include: